This Page is still a work in progress…


There is Love of course

A four minute animated short I wrote after a huge injection of inspiration. It's a story about lost moments, missed opportunities and all despair and sadness there is in life.
I project a schedule for it to be finished in January 2009. I'll keep the progress in the blog for the first wavering steps, and then I plan to move it all over to a dedicated movie site/section.


In Production

Race to Glory

This is an animated short movie I wrote several years back orginally titled “Winner's Loss” which is called “Race to Glory” in the latest version of my script. The project where laid on ice for some time
but has recently got the fire burning again, and are currently under development.

More about the movie and a dedicated website for it will be posted when appropriate.

This is the diffrent film projects I'm working with. Both released movies and movies under production. I'm not a traditional filmmaker, I work with animation and create my films in the 3D and CG domain.
Usually they are ego created, in other words, they are created entirely by me, all the way from pre-work with concept, script, storyboard to sculpting, painting, directing, lighting and animation and finally dialogue, sound effects, music, editing, post processing and promotion material. Those times I bring in outside help, you'll find the talented person clearly credited.
As an independant director and filmmaker I have total control and freedom to express myself in the art of moving images. Enjoy my films!

- Johan Steen