3D Scripts, Plugins and Tools

A collection of scripts and plugins I've written for LightWave 3D and modo.

Most of the time my plugins are pretty hardcoded and customized for the specific project I was working on at the time of frustration. Time constraints and all that yada yada. When I have some time to spare I make some effort to clean some of them up, make them more generic and let them end up here.

They are all free, so if you find any use of these plugins and scripts, download and enjoy!

LightWave 3D Plugins // Scripts

  • ASE Spline Import // Modeler
    Imports splines into modeler from Autodesk's ASCII Scene Export. Great when you have styled hair guides in an external application.
  • Conform By UV // Modeler
    Conforms the mesh to another mesh by matching their UV layout. Useful for situations like bringing in morphs from ZBrush, or when point order has been broken.
  • Fix Symmetry // Modeler
    Uses point selections to correct symmetry in a non destructive way or to track down symmetry errors.
  • Open FiberFX // Layout
    Simple script that let's you add a button for the FiberFX interface in Layout's menu.
  • Render Presets // Layout
    Render Presets lets you manage a library of different common rendering related settings to quickly organize, apply or switch between them.
  • SaveIncBack // Modeler
    Saves the current object with incremental backups.
  • SymmXMirror // Modeler
    Restores lost symmetry in a model by automatically deleting one side of the object and mirroring the other side.
  • Transfer By UV // Modeler
    Transfers Vertex Maps from one mesh to another mesh by matching their UV layout. Useful when proportions differ or point order has been broken.

LightWave 3D Development Utils

  • LScript for Sublime Text
    LScript package with syntax highlighting, templates and code completion for Sublime Text (and TextMate).

modo Scripts

Mixed Tools

  • Turntable Flash Viewer A flash application to display a turntable or a turntable gallery on web pages. Using rendered image sequences or animation clips.