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Script assigned to a button

This Python script for modo exports the selected layer or layers of geometry to an OBJ file.

I use this to quickly bring out layers as separate OBJ files so I can get them into ZBrush as SubTools. Maybe GoZ will render this script useless for me when GoZ is finally released for the Windows platform – I don’t know, but until then this script is saving me quite some time in my daily work.


For simplicity you can assign the script to a button for easy access to it. Like in the screenshot to the right.

And that’s pretty much it – selected the layer you need to export, click the button and enter a filename for your OBJ export and you’re done.

Hope some of you find this script useful.


Available downloads for Export Selected To OBJ.

Latest Release


  • Copy the js_exportSelectedToObj.py to modo user scripts folder.
    In Windows Vista you find it here: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts\


Export Selected To OBJ has been tested with modo 401.


The development history of Export Selected To OBJ.

Version 1.0 – 30 Sep 2009

  • Release of version 1.0.


  1. This is great :) Saving me loads of time. Thanks

  2. R-Ick 8 years ago

    How can I assign the script to a button in modo?

    • Hi,

      Go to the form editor and locate the form where you want to put the button. Create a new control in the form you want it, and in the command field for this new control/button enter @js_exportSelectedToObj.py and you should have a basic button for the script in place.

  3. hey. perfect script. just found it, works in 601! thanks for sharing it.

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