Open FiberFX

Here's a small LScript, which simply allows you to add FiberFX to your layout menus.

If you use FiberFX often like I do, it can come in handy. It's much faster to have FiberFX attached to a button than to have to Ctrl+F8, drop down the menu, select FiberFilter then double click. This script does that, and when FiberFX is added to the scene, it opens the FiberFX panel with the button. I find it to be a convenient time saver and I have added it to my Workflow tab in Layout where I have all my most used tools collected.


FiberFX Button

It's not much to say about the usage, just add the command to a convenient spot in your layout menu and you are ready to go.

To assign it to a button go to the Configure Menus window -> Command List -> Plug-ins -> JS_OpenFFX, and assign it to a tab where it makes sense for you.

That's about it. Hope some of you find this tool useful.


Available downloads for Open FiberFX.

Latest Release


  • Copy the to LightWave's plug-in folder.
  • If "Autoscan Plugins" is enabled, just restart LightWave and it's installed.
  • Else, locate the "Add Plugins" button in LightWave and add it manually.


Open FiberFX has been tested on LightWave 3D 9.6, Win64. As far as I know it should also work fine on Win32 and MacOS.


The development history of Open FiberFX.

Version 1.0 - 7 Jan 2009

  • First public release of the plugin.
  • Open FiberFX

    Initial Release
    Jan 7, 2009
    Latest Release
    Jan 7, 2009
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