Fix Symmetry

A Modeler plugin for LightWave 3D that uses point selections to correct symmetry in a non destructive way or to track down symmetry errors.

When modeling in LightWave 3D it still happens that symmetry breaks, especially when using certain tools that doesn't respect symmetry or when sending the object back and forth to other applications.

Fix Symmetry takes care of those problems in a non destructive way by helping you move the points back to a symmetric position, keeping all vertex maps intact. For a quick, more brute force, method to correct the symmetry in the earlier modeling stages before morphs, weights and UV maps are created you can try my SymmXMirror tool as well.


Fix Symmetry can operate in three different modes; Symmetry Check, Quick Fix and Tolerance Fix. Which mode it operates in is automatically decided depending on how many points you have selected before running the plugin.

Symmetry Check

If no points in the object are selected, the Symmetry Check mode will be invoked. The plugin then examines all points to find those that are not in a symmetric sync with a point on the opposite x axis. Points that aren't in sync will be set in a selected state, so they can be fixed. Either manually or by using the Quick or Tolerance modes of this plugin. Pressing the ESC key aborts the check when the progress bar is running.

Quick Fix

Fix Symmetry - Quick Fix

The Quick Fix mode is started if you have 2 points selected. This is a fast and reliable way to make an exact adjustment if you have one stray point that has got out of hand.

Select the point that has gone on a wild detour somewhere in your object and then the point on the other side that you want to sync the symmetry to, and run the plugin.

You will get presented with the Quick Mode window, which let's you select which side you want the correction (the point to be moved into position) to occur on. And that's it. This mode just moves a single point so it doesn't matter how far off it is, it will always be put back in sync with the other point you have selected to have the symmetry restored on that selection.

Tolerance Fix

Fix Symmetry - Tolerance Fix

The Tolerance Fix mode is started when you have more than two points selected. This is useful when a group of points are playing tricks on you and have lost their symmetry.

Select a bunch of points on one side of the object, and then select the corresponding points on the other side. You don't have to be completely exact in your selection here, if you select some points that's already in symmetry, they will be skipped during the processing of the correction.

When your selection is done, run the plugin and you will be presented with the Tolerance Fix window.

  • Symmetry Tolerance: Sets the distance the plugin will search for a point on the other side to move into symmetry.
  • Side to correct: Switches between the +/- sides of the x-axis to perform the correction on.
  • Interactive: Toggles the interactive mode on/off. On larger selections the interactive mode might be to slow to use, so then it's better to have it disabled. It can then be used as a preview button to see what effect your current tolerance setting have on the selection, before committing to the changes.

If the Symmetry is too distorted it might be easier to take a few points at a time to prevent the plugin from making mistakes. The more points that are selected, the longer the calculation to process the correction will be. If you find it takes too long time, press the ESC key to abort the processing and make a smaller point selection to work with.

Demonstration Video


Available downloads for the Fix Symmetry tool.

Latest Release

Older Releases

Source Code

Fix Symmetry is released as an open source project under the new BSD License. The project is hosted on GitHub where the repository can be browsed or forked.

Or use git to clone the repository with complete history:

git clone git://


I'm very interested in your contributions... What else deserves to be in this plugin? How can it be improved? Coders, feel free to fork the repository, make any updates and then send me a pull request. Non-coders, submit a request in the issue tracker.


There is no official support for this plugin, but if you run into any problems or bugs, you can file a report in the issue tracker and it will be looked into. You need to have a Google Account to file a new issue.

Report a Fix Symmetry issue


Fix Symmetry has been tested on LightWave 3D 9.5 / 9.6, win32 and win64. As far as I know it should also work fine on the Mac.


The development history of Fix Symmetry.

Version 1.2 - 14 Sep 2008

  • Implemented an interactive option for the Tolereance Fix.
  • Implemented an information window at the end of a Symmetry Check to report the result of the check.
  • Optimized the Symmetry Check mode to speed it up on denser meshes.
  • Renamed the modes to Symmetry Check, Quick Fix and Tolerance Fix.
  • Implemented handling if the plugin is run on an empty layer. Notifies the user instead of an illegal error message.

Version 1.1 - 12 Sep 2008

  • Implemented a Find Errors Mode to locate symmetry errors. Invoked when the tool is started with no points selected.

Version 1.0 - 8 Sep 2008

  • Initial release of the plugin.

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Legacy comments

  • Greenlaw Jan 16, 2011

    Finally, a reliable non-destructive way to fix mesh symmetry! Thank so very much for creating Fix Symmetry and making it available to fellow Lightwave users. Your plug-in has saved me from many hours of tedious work.

    Best regards,


    Artist/Partner |Little Green Dog |
    Senior Digital Artist | Rhythm & Hues Studios |
    • Johan Jan 23, 2011 reply to Greenlaw

      Awesome that you find it useful.
      Your comment reminded me, this and the other scripts I've here are supposed to be uncompiled now, which makes them more reliable. I need to bump that on my to-do list and update the archives.

  • Ryan Roye Dec 19, 2011
    Thanks for this great plugin, I know it's been out for a good while, but i've been using it ever since I started learning Lightwave. This plugin is a lifesaver.