LScript Sublime Text Package

LScript package for Sublime Text with syntax highlighting, auto completion, templates, snippets and comment toggling.

As Sublime Text 2 have become my favorite code editor since some time ago, I've created a Sublime package for LScript support.

LScript in Sublime Text


  • Syntax highlighting for the complete LScript language.
  • Line and block comment toggling.
  • The LSED script type starting templates in Sublime format.
  • Auto completion for GUI control functions and language constants.
  • Code snippet for Modeler progress monitor.

As only constants and GUI control functions are included in the auto completion part and that it just comes with one code snippet, I've decided to label it as version 0.5, even though the rest of the package is complete.

The package is located on GitHub, so feel free to fork it, improve it, and send me pull requests with the additions. Or just get the package and enjoy it as-is.


Take a look at this video to see some quick basics of the package features.


Available downloads for LScript Sublime Text Package.

Latest Released Package

You can obtain the project's master branch at GitHub:

Or use git to clone the repository:

git clone git://

If you are interested in adding more auto completion tags, more snippets, or maybe tweak and improve the existing files, go ahead and fork the repository, make any updates and then send me a pull request at GitHub.


There is no official support for this package, but if you run into any problems or strange behaviours, you can file a report in the issue tracker and it will be looked into.

Report a LScript Sublime Text Package issue


  • Download the package, LScript.sublime-package.
  • Place it in your Sublime Text's Data/Installed Packages folder.
  • Restart Sublime Text and it should be LScript enabled.


Tested with Sublime Text 2 beta under Windows. But should work just as fine with Sublime Text for Mac OS X and Linux. The LScript.tmLanguage file in the package should also work with TextMate for Mac OS X.


The history of LScript of Sublime Text.

Version 0.5 - 27 Nov 2011

  • First public release of the package.