Cleaning Out My 3D Closet

Time for another blog entry from me. I was taken out of business for a while after going through dental surgery. Nothing I can recommend. Huhuhu!

Anyway, I will continue posting on the projects I’ve been working on lately, and probably have one or two of them finished during the next week. But today I was browsing through my old files. I have quite a lot of unfinished projects. Which I guess most artists have. I hope!

Characters in Progress

Collection of old unfinished characters

Here is a few of them, which are at different states in the progress of getting finished, but these are the ones I had that I actually would like to finish. Lot’s of stuff went into the trashcan today. But these I saved. They are from a few months old to some that are almost 3 years old since I worked on them the last time. But never to late to finish something. So expect to see a few of these getting some new love and attention from me.

That’s it for now. More work coming up shortly!

Cleaning out music: Firefox AK – Madame, Madame!

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