A Few Weeks of Vacation Later…

Most of July as well as the first week of August have been colored with an absence from work and I’ve been living the pleasant vacation life.

People have been visiting me as well as me unlocking the chains from my workstation and got out traveling to a few different places to go to concerts, having cold drinks as the beach, enjoying hotels, attending art exhibitions and taking quite some photos (I got myself a new 24-70mm, f/2.8 lens for my DSLR) and ended it all with tons of great music at the Way Out West festival here in Gothenburg last week, held for it’s second year.

A few great, relaxing weeks to get some new energy and inspiration. Things got back to normal this week and I have had to catch up on some work, and have delivered four new projects already. I have started using a calendar now, hehe, so I have scheduled some catchup time for the website here as well.

The Cookie Monster attended a Barbecue at my place

The Cookie Monster attending a Barbecue at my place

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