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Julie, WIP 4

I seem to come up with changes and improvements all the time making the series of images of this character going on forever. I hope to do the final touch tonight though so I can put her on the shelf of finished stuff soon. I have improved her face quite a bit, what I have…

Julie WIP 4
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Julie, WIP 3

Well, pretty happy with the face now… Just some minor tweaks left with it and some adjustment to the hair. Then I’ll consider the head finished of her. Will finish up the last details on the body first though. Working Music: Still The Sounds. (Love Maja’s voice.)

Julie WIP 3 Wireframe
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Julie, WIP 2

Alright, getting ready to finish of my latest character. Her name is Julie. I’m doing the last fine tuning of the face. Still have some stuff left to do around her eyes, her hair and nose, but that’s just minor tunings and then I’ll be happy with the head model. Working Music: The Sounds –…

Julie - WIP 2
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Artsy Female WIP

Well, this is something I started with today. It’s unnamed, and don’t really know where I’m going with it yet. But it might turn out interesting in the end. Working Music: Nobuo Uematsu – Suteki Da Ne

Elysian Black and White
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