The Site is Back Again

A long time has gone since I took the old site down and there has just been a couple of frontpages during this time on I’ve actually built a couple of different websites underneath it, just to throw them in the trashcan after a while.

Well, now I think I’m finally happy with this one. I’ve tried everything from very ambitious management coding to some graphic filled versions with lot’s of stuff going on.

But now I’m finally pleased. Clean and simple design. Quick to update. Nothing special, but will work excellent to present my work, and that’s whats important with this site.

I do have some minor tweaking left to do on the different sections to make sure everything is ready. I will do those final adjustments as soon as I get some time over from working. In the meantime I’ll have this Work in Progress / Blog Section available anyway. This section is a part of the site where I’ll post my wip of projects I do and other news of interest. I guess some wips will come online before the entire site is open if I know how my schedule for these things usually turns out. ;)

It’s on it’s way, and a wip/blog section which is a part of the final site in the meantime is not to shabby either.

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If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to send them to me directly.