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I’m doing some maintenance work on the site in the coming weeks when time permits.

Primarily to merge this journal with a film production site of mine to consolidate my film site with my personal site. Things might look a bit strange around here for some time while I hammer out the last pieces to bring my film project here.

Turntable Viewer Version 2

I’ve just released version 2 of my Turntable Viewer to showcase rendered turntable clips on the web. Major new features in version 2 are: Implemented a loader for jpg/png/gif image sequences. Implemented a theme option to create a custom theme for the viewer. Included better documentation. Changed to a more flexible Creative Commons license agreement,…

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Turntable Viewer for Flash Released

I just released my flash Turntable Viewer, to be downloaded and used on your own site if you wish. I’ve got several requests about it lately, so today I made the ‘quick-n-dirty’ release. With quick and dirty I refer to that I haven’t had time to write any proper documentation or add all features that…

Turntable Viewer Screenshot
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Turntable – Give the Model a Spin

I love turntables, I think they are an excellent way to display a model. I got inspired of what Pixologic did with their ZBrush turntable gallery, so I dusted of my old flash knowledge and implemented a turntable function, as I was anyway doing some fine tuning to the site design. If you want to…

Turntable Viewer Screenshot
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Artstorm Reloaded, Please Update Your Feed URL

I have wanted to change a great deal of things on my website for quite some time, but it’s always a bigger project than one anticipates to make major changes, so it’s been on my list of things to do when I have some time to spare. This weekend I finally put aside that time…

Artstorm V3 Design - Now put to eternal rest!
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Some Major Behind the Scenes Web Updates

The site has been in in a movement phase for a few weeks. The layout has looked weird in many places, text blocks has looked strange and messed up, some links hasn’t worked. But now the update is 99% finished, just some minor cleaning up on some stuffed away pages and update some old buttons….

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The Disillusion Came

Woah, I finally got disillusioned. I’ve had a brownish design of artstorm over the last years. But a few month back I killed it of for a lighter white design for the reasons I wrote about in this entry, artstorm is dead, long live artstorm. Well, a few months later when I’ve got some perspective…

artstorm white design
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Artstorm is Dead, Long Live Artstorm

Many years has passed since the site opened its ones and zeros out towards the world in dark, moody and brownish colors. This weekend I felt it was time to kill of that design and give the site a more simplified lighter style, which doesn’t compete with the artwork in getting the attention. Bye bye…

Artstorm Old Design
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Artstorm Has Been on the Move…

Still alive over here! Well, I must honestly say I’ve neglected the artstorm site way to much for quite some time. Makes me a bit sad. But lot’s of work have come in the way, so I haven’t really found any time to spare at this thing for a long time. But now I’ve got…

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Software Launch is Getting Close

A new section at the Artstorm site will be launched within the next few days. It’s about my software development projects. I wanted to clearly separate it from the artistic part of the site, and have made a different design for the software projects. It will contain web applications, Lightwave Plugins and Windows Utilities. Storm|Stats…

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