Turntable Viewer for Flash Released

I just released my flash Turntable Viewer, to be downloaded and used on your own site if you wish.

Turntable Viewer Screenshot

Screenshot of the flash Turntable Viewer

I’ve got several requests about it lately, so today I made the ‘quick-n-dirty’ release. With quick and dirty I refer to that I haven’t had time to write any proper documentation or add all features that I’d like it to have for a public release. I did add the option to customize the control bar’s colors through an external XML file today though.

I’m very busy at the moment, so instead of holding back the release until I get time to finish everything I want, feel free to use this version if you’re one of those hardcore web people who don’t mind poking around a bit yourself to learn how it works.

Check my included example html, xml and swf files in the archive to learn how you can set it up and do some customization. At the moment you need to convert your rendered sequences to a swf file (like the ones in the example folder) so you need a flash authoring application to do that. That will change for the next version where you will be able to use an image sequence of jpg or png files instead without the need for any flash authoring whatsoever to use it.


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If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to send them to me directly.