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My flash based Turntable Viewer is now an open source project.

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Turntable Viewer Version 2

I’ve just released version 2 of my Turntable Viewer to showcase rendered turntable clips on the web. Major new features in version 2 are: Implemented a loader for jpg/png/gif image sequences. Implemented a theme option to create a custom theme for the viewer. Included better documentation. Changed to a more flexible Creative Commons license agreement,…

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Turntable Viewer for Flash Released

I just released my flash Turntable Viewer, to be downloaded and used on your own site if you wish. I’ve got several requests about it lately, so today I made the ‘quick-n-dirty’ release. With quick and dirty I refer to that I haven’t had time to write any proper documentation or add all features that…

Turntable Viewer Screenshot
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