Turntable Viewer Version 2

Turntable Viewer version 2

Turntable Viewer version 2

I’ve just released version 2 of my Turntable Viewer to showcase rendered turntable clips on the web.

Major new features in version 2 are:

  • Implemented a loader for jpg/png/gif image sequences.
  • Implemented a theme option to create a custom theme for the viewer.
  • Included better documentation.
  • Changed to a more flexible Creative Commons license agreement, which allows the viewer to be freely used on commercial and corporate websites as well. Go nuts!

I rewrote the entire application architecture from scratch since the last release to be fully object oriented for easier additions of new features. I will be occupied with some work in the coming weeks so I decided to take a snapshot of the current version and release it today as I won’t have time to look at it again for the next month or so. There was a few more things I wanted to add and some things I wanted to fix, so I guess I’ll make another update later this autumn when I get some time for it.

In the meantime, enjoy this new version, I hope the inclusion of the image sequence loader will be useful and make it much easier to use.


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