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Some Catamongus! Webdesign

I’ve been involved in the making of a 3D animated TV series for children for quite some time as the Art Director / Creative Director. The other week I did make the design for the website that will present the series. It’s mostly just the design at the moment. Actual content will be added with…

Coolcats Website
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Equinox Memorial Site

Once upon a time back in the late 80’s and early 90’s where yours truly using the handle rioter and a member of a demo crew called Equinox. Well I’ve spent a couple of days now creating a memorial site on the net to preserve everything we created back then. If you have any interest…

Equinox Logo
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Sleep? Not for Me! The Blog Has Got a Facelift

Well, if I don’t have enough to do, I do make sure I keep myself busy. Guess who forgot to go to sleep tonight and found himself still staring into the cosy glow of my computer screens at 8 a.m this morning. I’m probably one of those mutants that have forsaken the term sleeping. Anyway,…

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Wrapping Things Up

Alright, so what’s up? Well, the Julie character I’ve been working on is more or less done. It’s online anyway, even though the last image is missing. But it’ll come online soon. I’ve started using both a print service and a mesh service, DeviantART and TurboSquid, and updated the site to take advantage of these…

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Artstorm.Net is Up and Running

I can’t believe it myself, it has gone 2 years since I took the site down to remake it, and I have done a couple of tries where I’ve almost been done, and then trashed it as I didn’t really like it. Well, now I actually fixed it in one day. I’m happy with the…

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Opened Up the Entire Site

Well, put some more work into the site today, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out so I decided to open up all parts of the site. Some areas will still be under construction for some time, but they will be finished pretty soon according to my plan. Not very much left…

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The Site is Back Again

A long time has gone since I took the old site down and there has just been a couple of frontpages during this time on artstorm.net. I’ve actually built a couple of different websites underneath it, just to throw them in the trashcan after a while. Well, now I think I’m finally happy with this…

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