Wrapping Things Up

Alright, so what’s up? Well, the Julie character I’ve been working on is more or less done. It’s online anyway, even though the last image is missing. But it’ll come online soon.

I’ve started using both a print service and a mesh service, DeviantART and TurboSquid, and updated the site to take advantage of these new features. Not very much online yet, but the content in each store will grow constantly from this point forward.

I also added a relation feature to the Blog script, so work in progress images belonging to the same project easily can be tied together, with a WIP link from the final image. Might be of interest to some to be able to go back and check how the images I create progress forward.

New projects – Well, I’m torn between a couple of things right now, so I haven’t decided which one to give the highest priority yet. I’m wrapping up the last post production on Julie to make sure I get nice prints. But when that’s finished I’ll have made my decision. The next blog entry in a few days will probably be the first Work in Progress of my next project, so my decision will be made until then.

I noticed in my ISP’s logs that I have had almost 8.000 visitors on the site since I opened it up just a little bit more than a month and some weeks ago. Well, I’m happy for that but it gives me such pressure now to start filling up the portfolio and project pages with more interesting stuff. I’ll work on it, promise!

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