Goblin – Just Started

Started on a new project tonight. Actually it turned out to be none of the ones I did have in mind earlier. As usual. But the ones I had in mind is still around, and this one I think will be a pretty quick one.

Actually, this will be a piece called Loneliness. But that’s the second stage of this project. It can be a bit hard to imagine where I’m going with this one from this current shot.. but stay tuned and things will reveal themselves along the road. I’ll model, texture and finish this main character first. And then get into part two and model his surroundings and pose him with the appropriate extras and expressions for the piece I have in mind. Okay, let’s see if I have been able to guess the time I need for this one correctly and make this a quick one… or if it drags out.

Goblin WIP 1

First WIP of the Goblin Project

The first wire of our coming “hero”. I do have quite some fine tuning left, but I’m starting to get the overall shape into place.

Working Music: Marcel Donné – Sidologie

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