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Let’s Make a Ninja Film!

Get ready to meet the world’s smallest and most resourceful mercenary for hire!

Little Ninja
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I decided a long time ago to not write about my own film project, or at least keep it to a minimum, until my proof of concept was ready. I’ve changed my mind. Continue reading »

Color Management in LightWave – Second Attempt

Just a quickie… I’ve been developing my workflow for my film project for some time. I want to have a rock solid pipeline setup so when I go full blast I can aim all my focus at the creative parts. So far I’ve concentrated mostly on the asset exchange, getting meshes and animations in and…

Lotus Angel Warrior
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Ninja: Resurrection

Just a quickie, here is an old darling of mine which I recently resurrected… Fear his wrath! This character was like 90% finished back in 2004 for a SpinQuad challenge / thing, which I never had the time to complete. I’ve been cleaning up my old folders and content directories, getting rid of old crap…

Wrath of the Ninja
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Life Signs… Status Updates…

There has been some unhealthy long periods of silence between my posts lately. The usual reason, commissioned work has kept me a busy bee. CG artists need to make a living as well – bills, bills and bills – unfortunately. Some of my paid gigs are interesting and challenging though – gives me opportunities to…

CG Chick in Progress
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Recent Project Keeps Things Stalled

There has been a serious lack of updates to the artstorm website for quite some time now. The reason is that I unexpectedly got hired by a company in mid January to do quite some work for them on a very interesting project. Things have been really hectic since then and I’ve had about no…

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Another Year, Updated Plans!

2005 is finally here, as usual, the last year came and went like a running train. Anyway, as the artstorm site finally got finished not so long ago, I guess 2005 will be the year where I start utilizing it completely and all the features I added to it. Lot’s of portfolio updates as well…

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Wrapping Things Up

Alright, so what’s up? Well, the Julie character I’ve been working on is more or less done. It’s online anyway, even though the last image is missing. But it’ll come online soon. I’ve started using both a print service and a mesh service, DeviantART and TurboSquid, and updated the site to take advantage of these…

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Artstorm.Net is Up and Running

I can’t believe it myself, it has gone 2 years since I took the site down to remake it, and I have done a couple of tries where I’ve almost been done, and then trashed it as I didn’t really like it. Well, now I actually fixed it in one day. I’m happy with the…

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