To Log, or not to Log, That is No More a Question

I decided a long time ago to not write about my own film project, or at least keep it to a minimum, until my proof of concept was ready. I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve been working on my own film on and off for some time. A bit too long even. But recently I got back into the groove, on most of my stuff actually, and things have started moving forward on all fronts. (Thank you, GTD).

Anyway, since I’ve been getting back into my film I’ve spent time updating my original plans. Change/tweak/trash/update/remake – all of them true for defining recent events.

My original plan included making a Proof of Concept film, and then move into real production with the experience gathered. That plan still stands. The Proof of concept film is a short sequence, less than a minute, to keep it realistic for a one man show. Even though I’ve film production experience, it’s quite a different beast to architect the entire pipeline from the early development stages to the final distributable film, compared to coming in to do your part on a production in an already established pipe.

And that’s the reason why I’m making a Proof of Concept film before the real deal. Pipeline wise the Proof of Concept is a full production, with a script, storyboard, animatics, previz, full production modeling/rigging/animating/texturing/lighting, post prod, sound design and so on. Only that everything is on a smaller scale.

By working myself through the pipeline with the Proof of Concept I’m hoping to

  1. Define a working pipeline.
  2. Find any critical problems with the workflow.
  3. Keeping collaboration in mind when more people gets involved.

Well, to be honest, I don’t for a minute believe that me doing a Proof of Concept will ensure a smooth ride when engaging a full production. I’m quite sure that it will be a bumpy ride anyway. But by doing this I hope I will at least iron out the most critical problems that can occur and that means avoiding any showstopping black holes, that could make the real production vaporize.

So to get back to the initial reason for the existence of this entry in my journal »Writing about the progress». My previous decision was to make the Proof of Concept in silence, iron out all the details, and then keep a regular public production log for the real deal. But when I was going over the entire process I came to the conclusion that my journal is the perfect place for me to share this phase of the production. I shouldn’t be so anal about this process, this is after all a project I make for the pure pleasure and enjoyment I get out of it at the moment, so everything don’t have to be shiny and polished.

It will be straw-man proposals thrown out there by me. It will be some brainstorming and share of thoughts. I’ll probably more than once revise what I’ve stated in an earlier post. It will be rough drafts, concepts and early revisions. To have the project more in the public light will also be a motivator and an extra incentive for me to keep at it and make sure things happens in a timely manner.

At the same time I hope that me starting to write about my progress before I know exactly where I’m heading with this, or having every little detail worked out, could turn out to be interesting for others on the same path as mine, or who are on the fence to also jump down this rabbit hole. Also I hope there will be some usefulness in me sharing my bumps, running into walls, thoughts as well as revelations, highlights and solutions. And I’d love if I’d manage to create some discussions on the topics or receive feedback and suggestions.

Now, back to make some film happen! More to come soon…

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