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Let’s Make a Ninja Film!

Get ready to meet the world’s smallest and most resourceful mercenary for hire!

Little Ninja
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Camera Rig Update

Just a quick note, I’ve just released a minor update to my Film Camera Rig for LightWave 3D. In short, I’ve added a new control to release the camera’s focal point into world coordinate space and also organized the schematic view of the rig. Follow the link below to the original post and read the…

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Film Camera Rig for LightWave 3D

A film camera rig for LightWave 3D which I’d like to share with the community. The rig is designed to be simple, easy and straightforward to use.

Camera Rig
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Quick update. Today I finished the modeling and rigging of all hard surface objects for the previsualization. Happy about that. Up for next week is the two character models I need.

I’ve also started using my asset system while finishing these models. Dogfooding! Progress tracking was implemented so I can keep logging as I go along. Continue reading »

Film Production Tracker

A very common reason why film productions like mine fails is the lack of organization combined with a miscalculation of the huge scope making an animated film actually is. To fight that ending of my film, I’m making sure that I’m running a tight ship from the very beginning and I’ve been very careful to…

Film Production Tracker Screenshot
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I decided a long time ago to not write about my own film project, or at least keep it to a minimum, until my proof of concept was ready. I’ve changed my mind. Continue reading »

Filmmaking File Structure

Project management for filmmaking. Not as sexy as blowing up that building in a huge explosion using particles, fluids, dynamics and shatter simulations, eh? Nonetheless, it still needs to be done. I’m currently spending as much time as I can spare on my own film project. I’m not really ready to go public yet with…

Screenshot of file and folder structure for filmmaking
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There is Love – More Concept Teasing

I thought it was about time I added a new entry to the Blog. It has gone a few days since the last addition. The movie production, There is Love Of Course, hasn’t stagnated, but are still running smoothly and progresses forward according to schedule. I haven’t got around yet finishing the dedicated movie site,…

Love Concept Art
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There is Love – There is Concept Art

Another There is Love of course update. I made the final version of the script. Rewrote and fine tuned some details from some parts of the draft. I’ve also started drawing concept art for the characters that will appear in the movie. I’m about to begin storyboarding the entire script during the next week, and…

There is Love Concept Art
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Race to Glory – Short Movie

I just got news I might have gotten a development deal for an animated short entitled Race to Glory I wrote a couple of years back. Excellent! I will post more on the subject when appropriate.

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