Hard Surfaces and Progress Tracking

Quick update. Today I finished the modeling and rigging of all hard surface objects for the previsualization. Happy about that. Up for next week is the two character models I need.

I’ve also started using my asset system while finishing these models. Dogfooding! Progress tracking was implemented so I can keep logging as I go along. Next week I’ll add the relationship handling between users and every action in the system. So everything done from that point on is logged in the history with the correct associations. I want to have that information recorded early on.

In my roadmap I’ve dedicated time for adding one major feature each week until the proof of concept film finished. The rest of the week I’ll keep using it while doing 3D work and just make minor fixes if needed. With my current schedule, the system will be more than ready to be taken to the second phase by the time I’m ready with this (very) short, which means it will be solid enough for more people to start using it.

I’ve started toying with names.

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