There is Love – More Concept Teasing

I thought it was about time I added a new entry to the Blog. It has gone a few days since the last addition.

The movie production, There is Love Of Course, hasn’t stagnated, but are still running smoothly and progresses forward according to schedule. I haven’t got around yet finishing the dedicated movie site, but it’ll come soon. In the meantime I thought I should post another teaser of some concept art I’m working on for the movie.

Love Concept Art

More Concept Art from There is Love...

I’ve almost finished all concept art for it. All characters are in place, and also all environments but two are in place. So all concepts will be finished next week, together with a final storyboard of the movie. Then I think it’ll be proper to open up the movie site, so there is some content in it from the beginning.

On another note, I’ve been feeling creative lately, and have started writing a smaller script called The Institution, which I’ll have storming around in the back of my head. Don’t wanna get carried away with that one until I’ve come further along the path with TILOC.

Todays Drawing Music: Karma 64 – Slow Poison

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