Another Year, Updated Plans!

2005 is finally here, as usual, the last year came and went like a running train.

Anyway, as the artstorm site finally got finished not so long ago, I guess 2005 will be the year where I start utilizing it completely and all the features I added to it. Lot’s of portfolio updates as well as the movie and software sections are ready to get their doors opened very soon. So expect some interesting stuff appearing here.

Personally I’m quite excited as Newtek has recently announced that Lightwave 8.2 is around the corner. Can’t wait to get my hands on that update as it contains many goodies I’ve wanted for a long time for my work.

I’ve apparently finished my last commercial project some weeks back, and I’m brainstorming out a new plan/endeavor to get going with in 2005. I’ve promised myself to have it finished before the end of this week, let’s see what happens.

Over and out, I’ve a character called Maia in the pipeline which I’ll post some stuff from soon.

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