Artstorm.Net is Up and Running

I can’t believe it myself, it has gone 2 years since I took the site down to remake it, and I have done a couple of tries where I’ve almost been done, and then trashed it as I didn’t really like it.

Well, now I actually fixed it in one day. I’m happy with the site, every section is up and running. It’s easy to update. The site is clean and easy to navigate around. So now I’ll let it be. The site is done.

I’ll just have to start add some more content to it, in form of images and animations. But as I wrote on the portfolio page I’ll try to keep it as recent as possible, so instead of me going through old material, I’ll add whatever I create from this point and forwards in time.

I have lot’s of stuff planned for the autumn, so expect lots of new imagery to appear on the site in the coming months.

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