Artstorm Reloaded, Please Update Your Feed URL

I have wanted to change a great deal of things on my website for quite some time, but it’s always a bigger project than one anticipates to make major changes, so it’s been on my list of things to do when I have some time to spare. This weekend I finally put aside that time to get my hands dirty with this update.

Other than making a new design, the structure of the website has changed. And for the few subscribers I do have, the URL to the feed has changed. I’ll have the old URL redirecting for some time, but to make sure you keep the subscription live, please update your RSS/feed reader to the new correct URL.

The RSS feed for is now located at:

Anyway, I was so bored with my old design, and it was way to much work to add new portfolio items and such so I didn’t really bother keeping it updated. Which was pretty evident as most images in the portfolio was from 2004 and not much has been added since.

Well, I’m thrilled to finally have got rid of the design in the screenshot below, I was so bored with it.

Artstorm V3 Design - Now put to eternal rest!

Artstorm V3 Design - Now put to eternal rest!

I’ve been using WordPress for the blog part of my site for about a year, while the rest has been my own PHP/MySQL scripts that I’ve put together when time permitted. It was a pain keeping the code updated as well as going through all the necessary steps when I wanted to add new content to the site.

And as I’ve seen WordPress progress the last year, I’ve felt for sometime that it had everything I needed to drive every part of the site with it. So I threw out all my own scripts, installed WordPress for the entire site and spent the weekend making a new, fresh look to get rid of that old depressing brownish disaster.

Well, I’m very happy that I took the time to do this update, and I managed to fix almost everything during the weekend, I just have some minor things left to tweak (mostly texts) and then I can let it go and just focus on adding content. Woohoo!

Well back to work, new stuff to be added shortly!

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