Artstorm Has Been on the Move…

Still alive over here!

Well, I must honestly say I’ve neglected the artstorm site way to much for quite some time. Makes me a bit sad. But lot’s of work have come in the way, so I haven’t really found any time to spare at this thing for a long time.

But now I’ve got things going a bit again anyway. I moved to a new better server the last week, and the move went smooth as a baby’s bottom, and I’m up and running on a much more stable place. But stability was not the only cause of my move, I was desperately urging for some more advanced server features that I’m going to need for some things I’ve planned for the artstorm site.

Keeping secrets is nice, and what new interesting things I intend to do with the artstorm site, will reveal itself during 2006. Lot’s of my personal projects have been going on even though I haven’t really dabbled with the site, so I’ll play a little catch up for some time to get back on track with portfolio updates and progress of my short movie projects.

I also started redesigning the site about a month ago, some changes which have already gone online, but the update is still somewhere in between, so that’s why the portfolio pages for instance look a little weird at the moment, and the text layout is not really perfect everywhere.
Well, I know I shouldn’t publish half made site updates, but, well, I did it anyway. But I’ll fix it at the end of the week.

Okay, I won’t ramble on too much now. Expect a new posting soon, and stay tuned for some nice updates shortly.

Oh, the the Gothenburg Filmfestival is going on now as well,, lot’s of nice things for me to do there. Okay, that might cause a week delay until I get into the updates of the site. Film festivals always have a high priority.. :)

Live well! I’ll soon be back!

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