Julie, WIP 5

Alright, today I’ll finish her! Not much left to do now, and most important of all, I’ve come up with what I think is some intriguing ideas for some other image series, so I must end this one now before my inspiration for the other ones are gone.

Okay, since I last posted an update, I’ve done some work to her face. Worked with her hair, adjusted and sculpted around quite a bit with her eyes, nose, chin and mouth areas. Still some tweaks left, but it shouldn’t take that long, so I’m hoping to do the final shots in reasonable time.

Julie WIP 5 Side

Julie WIP -Side

Julie WIP 5 Front

Julie WIP - Front

Julie WIP 5 Back

Julie WIP - Back

Working Music:
Joakim Thåström – Det är ni som är de konstiga och jag som är normal
(Wonderful Swedish music!)

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