There is Love of Course

Set aside all my own small personal projects with images and single artworks, I do also have some more serious projects in the pipeline.

Commercial contractors, works and also my movie projects. And to my more serious projects, I got a brand new injection.

Today I had the most fantastic and wonderful experience for I don’t know for how long? Forever? Well, anyway, I had so much inspiration because of that, so I sat down non-stop and wrote a new script for a four minute long movie. Serious Kudos to that special person that injected me with all this inspiration today.
It’s a story about lost moments, missed opportunities and all despair and sadness there is in life. Well, can’t put in to much in four minutes. But doing an animated movie with a one man crew doing everything from script – storyboard – design – sculpting – painting – animation – sound – music – editing and so on, I gotta keep the length down to make it manageable.

There is Love of course

There is Love... Temporary Title

I kept the number of characters and environments down as much as possible, so this shouldn’t be another taking forever project on my limited time and budget, and ended up with a script I’m very happy with. I project a schedule for it to be finished in January 2005.
I’ll keep the progress in the blog for the first wavering steps, and then I plan to move it all over to a dedicated movie site.

Script writing music: R.E.M – Out of Time

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