Computer Hardware is Evil!

I have had some serious hardware trouble the last week. First did one of my storage hard drives just die on me.

And bad luck usually just doesn’t end up with one thing, so just a few hours later my CPU decided to die on me as well. Can I say panic?
Well, I managed to rescue all files from my hard drive, and then I kicked it hard down the dumpster as soon as all the files where saved.

The CPU, well, not very much to do. I started getting CPU hardware failure reports from my OS, and then the computer hardly couldn’t manage to boot up. Got a replacement CPU two days ago, and then the system where as rock solid as ever again and runs very smoothly now. Spent the last day reorganizing the files and cleaning up the mess that occurred during this disaster.
Well I’m back in business again, and will start posting work in progress images starting tomorrow or Monday. Oh well, life has it’s ups and downs. Just gotta go along with it.

I have just been chilling tonight (as well as yesterday). You know, celebrating I have my working environment in order again. Good food, good beer, good company! Ah, life is pretty good after all.

I actually just got back and wanted to do a little checkup on my stuff before calling it a night with the computer. Right now I’m listening to some wonderful lounge music, and enjoying my beloved Gin.

Chill Out Music: Jean Michel Jarre – Geometry of Love

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