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Color Management for CG Artists Update

I’ve made a massive update to the Color Management article I posted about a month ago, now it spans a whopping 8 pages. The article is expanded with a full color managed workflow for LightWave 3D with display proofing, a generic color managed workflow for all other 3D applications that lacks full color management. A…

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Color Management: Wide Gamut Displays in a CG Workflow

Everything you always wanted to know about color management but were afraid to ask.
I’ve recently done some extensive research about color management, ICC profiling, “mysterious” color changes when leaving Photoshop and how it applies to a 3D workflow, as well as photo or film workflows…

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I’ve Gone 24, Resistance Was Futile…

Oh yes, I really couldn’t help myself. I’ve been glaring at those 24″ screens for too long now to resist it anymore. I’ve been running 24″ at work for some time, and really enjoy the extra size. And it’s been pretty lousy sitting at home staring at the same resolution of 1920×1200 at my laptop…

Dell 2407wfp
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New Workstation in the House!

Weee, I got around and upgraded my old workstation this week. I’ve been running on a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a Pentium M 2.0GHz processor for about a year now. It has served me well, but I have been drooling to get a Core Duo processor since it’s release. And now when the Core 2…

Dell Inspiron 9400
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Computer Hardware is Evil!

I have had some serious hardware trouble the last week. First did one of my storage hard drives just die on me. And bad luck usually just doesn’t end up with one thing, so just a few hours later my CPU decided to die on me as well. Can I say panic? Well, I managed…

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