I’ve Gone 24, Resistance Was Futile…

Oh yes, I really couldn’t help myself. I’ve been glaring at those 24″ screens for too long now to resist it anymore. I’ve been running 24″ at work for some time, and really enjoy the extra size.

And it’s been pretty lousy sitting at home staring at the same resolution of 1920×1200 at my laptop 17″ screen. So now when Dell had a good deal at their new 2407wfp screen I jumped on the train and ordered one which arrived yesterday.

I’m already in love. It’s so pleasant to work in front of. Now my upgrading frenzy will have to rest for a while so I actually get some time over to get some work done in the evenings.

Dell 2407wfp

The refurbished workspace in my apartment with the new baby

Luckily I got the rev A03 of the screen, which all of the problems that I’ve read about with earlier revisions of vertical banding and such are nowhere to be seen, the image quality is as close to perfect as it can be, according to me and my preferences.

Oh well, back to doing some artwork now… until next time…


  1. Lovely monitor !

    I’ll be getting two of those within a month…hopefully ;-)

  2. Yes, extremely happy with it. The only downside is that you get used to the size after a while and start looking at the 30″ models. :p

  3. Johan,

    What a sweet set-up. I too am looking to “Go 24” and am in the beginning stages of shopping. Can you tell me a bit more about “AO3”? Do I need to be wary of older versions that are being sold out there? I am currently looking at pretty good prices on ebay and hope to pull the trigger soon. Your help is appreciated.


  4. Mark,

    Rev A00, A01 and A02 of the 2407 had problems with banding in gradients, which was pretty evident when making a gray scale gradient for instance in Photoshop from black to white. Also earlier revision did have some color leakage on text while scrolling quickly, if you’re picky. My A03 doesn’t have any of those problem, and neither does later revisions as I understand it. So get an A03 or newer and I believe you should be a happy camper.

    Hope this helps some. :)


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