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Modo 401 Script: Export Selected To OBJ

I just released a small Python script for modo to export the selected layer(s) to an OBJ file. There were a few layer to OBJ scripts available for modo but none that worked like I wanted or properly with modo 401. I needed this functionality badly right now to bring layers out as separate OBJ…

modo 401
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Hair Guides Styling – ASE Spline Importer for LightWave 3D

LightWave 3D has some excellent rendering options for hair. We have the native FiberFX as well as the Sasquatch plugin from Worley Labs. Unfortunately the actual creation and styling of hair guides is still a bit cumbersome in LightWave, which is a shame really as the quality of the renders can be of outstanding quality….

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Fix Symmetry Plugin for LightWave 3D

Fix Symmetry is a LightWave 3D modeler script I wrote for my own personal use some time ago. I recently polished it a bit by giving it a decent GUI and some more options, so I could release it. I hope some of you might find the tool useful in your workflow. It’s a more…

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The Unofficial LightWave 3D Plugin Section

I’ve recently put up an unofficial plugin section on artstorm. I don’t really code anymore, and I don’t have any intentions to return or dig deeper into the world of coding either these days, as I am just to much in love with my 3D work. But I do from time to time write a…

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Color Management in LightWave – Second Attempt

Just a quickie… I’ve been developing my workflow for my film project for some time. I want to have a rock solid pipeline setup so when I go full blast I can aim all my focus at the creative parts. So far I’ve concentrated mostly on the asset exchange, getting meshes and animations in and…

Lotus Angel Warrior
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Symmetry Correction Plugin for LightWave

Long time, no post. Things are cooking though. Busy busy. Anyway, I thought I should post a little freebie I coded recently. I’ve acquired a few new computers (Workstation, rendering slaves) and have made the switch to Vista x64 as well as LightWave x64 for 64-bit Windows. Fortunately most of the plugins I rely on…

Symm X Mirror
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ZBrush 3 is Here!

The development phase has been going on for years and what originally was supposed to be ZBrush 2.5 now finally hit the streets as a more significant upgrade, and got the 3.0 extension instead. Pixologic has worked hard on this update and it has been well worth the wait! Woohoo! I just got my upgrade…

ZBrush 3 Logo
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A Few 2007 Updates

Already into February and I haven’t yet posted a blog entry in 2007. The two first months this year have been unbelievable hectic. I had to rearrange a lot of things and start planning how 2007 should work out for me. Anyway, the first blog post of the year is finally here. The image above…

artstorm manual - cover
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I’ve Gone 24, Resistance Was Futile…

Oh yes, I really couldn’t help myself. I’ve been glaring at those 24″ screens for too long now to resist it anymore. I’ve been running 24″ at work for some time, and really enjoy the extra size. And it’s been pretty lousy sitting at home staring at the same resolution of 1920×1200 at my laptop…

Dell 2407wfp
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P3dO Explorer

I’ve been beta testing a new 3d/image browsing software from Senosoft. It’s turning out awesome with support for all high end formats like OpenEXR, FLX and HDR. Lot’s of things are in the works for it. It’s a very interesting development for coming versions of this software. And Yarp is just the greatest guy, and…

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