The Unofficial LightWave 3D Plugin Section

I’ve recently put up an unofficial plugin section on artstorm. I don’t really code anymore, and I don’t have any intentions to return or dig deeper into the world of coding either these days, as I am just to much in love with my 3D work.

But I do from time to time write a few scripts when I need a tool that’s currently not available and it’s within my reach to quickly develop it. So when I finish a script I’ll put it online there, so they are available if anyone else might find use for them besides me.

This section won’t be linked from the main menu of my site, but feel free to bookmark it or link to it from any other site, as the section will be there permanently.

I recently published the SymmXMirror tool that’s available there, and also the SaveIncBak modeler script the other day, which was born from a thread on the NewTek OB forum where Miguel Méndez Menéndez posted the idea for the tool. Also many thanks to Miguel for tracking down the differences between the Windows and Mac file system through LScript to get it working on the Mac platform as well.

I do have a few other modeler tools that are more or less working as they should which I’ll upload quite soon. I also have some scripts I’ve developed while working with my film projects for basic render pass management. As I’ve made them for me, the GUI is lacking big time, so I have to spend some time cleaning that up before I can release them in a state useful for others. So it might be while before I can spare the time for that.

Well, over and out for tonight.

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