Modo 401 Script: Export Selected To OBJ

I just released a small Python script for modo to export the selected layer(s) to an OBJ file.

There were a few layer to OBJ scripts available for modo but none that worked like I wanted or properly with modo 401. I needed this functionality badly right now to bring layers out as separate OBJ files and then take them into ZBrush as SubTools. I do this many, many times each day in my work so this script saves me some decent amount of time. Maybe GoZ will deprecate this script when it’s released for Windows. We’ll see, but until then it’s a nice companion for a modo to ZBrush workflow.

I’ve been wanting to learn Python for some time now, and creating this script was a nice little introduction to Python for me. Many other applications I use can be scripted through Python, so definitely a good language to touch some base with in other words. Not to forget that the upcoming LightWave CORE will have a solid Python API.


  1. Hey, I’ve been using Modo to do some conversions of FBX data lately and I’d have *killed* for this script about a month ago. Wish I’d Googled earlier; all the conversions are done now! ^_^;

    • Well, ain’t that the truth, always finding those small workflow tools you need a few days after the job has been completed.

      Should be some kind of a modified Murphy’s law for CG artists or something.

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