Dinochicken with Modo 401

Just another quick entry with something until I get time to update my portfolio.

Here is a CG illustration of a dinochicken, chickenosaur or whatever to call it – I did a few weeks back with modo 401 for the latest issue of the magazine Filter (issue 10, October & November 2009) currently on sale wherever you can get Swedish magazines.

Chickenosaur - Published in Filter Magazine issue 10, Oct & Nov 2009

Chickenosaur - Published in Filter Magazine issue 10, Oct & Nov 2009

I created this illustration to accompany an interview with the American paleontologist Jack Horner, known for being the advisor on all Jurassic Park films, regarding his theories to use chicken DNA to re-create the dinosaurs.

I love to use modo for print work, it really shines when working with stills. Here is another image of just the modo render:

In an eggbox

The T-Rex being born in an egg box. He would probably be pretty upset hanging out in my kitchen.

And a shot of the scene in modo…

The dinochicken scene inside modo

The dinochicken scene in modo

Oh, here’s also one of the early versions, which I thought turned out kind of funny. This is the pose I would have preferred to go with myself.

Oh yeah, birth anxiety!

Oh yeah, birth anxiety!

Anyway, I’m currently occupied with a film shot and when I’ve delivered that scene I believe I’ll have some time to update my portfolio. (I seem to keep pushing the portfolio update ahead of me…)

Til next time. Cheers!

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  1. Hej, jag gillar din blog! Verkligen proffsig!
    Du gör rätt coola bilder!

    Tack och Hej

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