ZBrush 3.5 R3 – Hard Surface Doodles

Weekend, and I found some time to explore ZBrush 3.5 R3 which was released last week.

I’ve spent a few hours playing around with the new polish, trim and planar brushes for hard surface sculpting. I can’t help continue falling deeper and deeper in love with this application, the new brushes are really awesome.

I haven’t posted here in a long time – work, work, work. But here is a few quick doodles I created earlier today while having fun with the new ZBrush version until I get some more time to write something more interesting.

Hard Surface Gun Sculpted in ZBrush

Hard Surface Gun Sculpted in ZBrush.

Sketch ZSpheres and Polymesh

ZSketch and then the retopologized poly mesh.

Ship doodling

Just some odd spaceship form sculpted in ZBrush.

sketch and clay

The ZSketch and then using Clay Tubes to fill in some shapes.


Kind of a robot entity with 70's platform like shoes.

The recently introduced ZSketch which let’s you doodle freely in 3D space together with the new hard surface brushes is definitely another step forward for ZBrush. It’s pretty cool to be able to go from nothing to have some concepts sculpted out in less than an hour.

Oh well, over and out. Til next time…


  1. Very cool stuff! I haven’t had the opportunity to try ZBrush, but I’m always impressed with the results and praise that user have with it.
    However, the concept of ZSketching was something that I’ve seen before in the last iteration of 3DCoat. While it’s not as polished as ZBrush, it’s definitely worth a look….

    • it’s because the 3dcoat developer, in-order to survive, got into a nasty habit of copying from zbrush everything he can. Not cool.

    • Hey Phil,
      Thanks. Yes, I took the 3DCoat demo for a spin a year ago or so. While having some nice features it didn’t really do it for me. Just like MudBox I felt that it lacked that “artistic feeling” you get with ZBrush. To me that is very refreshing to find in an application in contrast to all the tech-savviness we’re used to in the CG world. :)

  2. Great work! I have also just purchase Zbrushed and it is amazing and very addictive. Keep up the great enthusiasm and fine work! – Ken

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