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ZBrush Retopology and Adaptive Skin Holes

I ran into a weird problem today when I was creating a new topology for a character in ZBrush. I had roughly blocked out a sculpt, the image to the right, from a ZSphere armature to get the proportions and overall shapes for the character I was working on in place. I came to the…

Illustrates holes in the adaptive skin
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Smoking Guy with a Hat

Here is a collection of images from a character sculpting session I had tonight. All images are screengrabs of the ZBrush canvas with some post processing done in Photoshop. I sculpted this guy from a bunch of ZSpheres without a determined destination. I didn’t use any references this time but let the character design come…

Smoking guy with a hat
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Dinochicken with Modo 401

Just another quick entry with something until I get time to update my portfolio. Here is a CG illustration of a dinochicken, chickenosaur or whatever to call it – I did a few weeks back with modo 401 for the latest issue of the magazine Filter (issue 10, October & November 2009) currently on sale…

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Modo 401 Script: Export Selected To OBJ

I just released a small Python script for modo to export the selected layer(s) to an OBJ file. There were a few layer to OBJ scripts available for modo but none that worked like I wanted or properly with modo 401. I needed this functionality badly right now to bring layers out as separate OBJ…

modo 401
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Color Management: Linear Workflow

A linear workflow is when you gamma correct all your colors to be in gamma 1.0, linear space. Gamma correction is one aspect of color management, but it has nothing do with different color spaces. Still it’s an important aspect of a color managed workflow that will work in your favor if you adopt it,…

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Modo 401 is Here! Yey!

I just wanted to share my joy, modo 401 was released today. Woohoo! I’m downloading my update as I type and am very excited to take this new baby for a spin. Thank god that Luxology utilizes BitTorrent for a release like this, otherwise I guess the download would take forever… To be honest, I…

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The Skopa Chair for Magasinet Filter

It’s been kinda quiet in my journal for a while – as I’ve been very busy with some long term projects. I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be able to start publishing content from them. Anyway, to break the silence, as I do a few smaller gigs now and then, here’s a 3D illustration…

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A Small Innkeeper Update

I just wanted to post a small update. I’ve had a very busy week so far, so there haven’t been so much time to work with this guy. But the modeling is starting to get in place. I need one more session with him and then the modeling should be more or less finished. I…

The Innkeeper - Work In Progress 2 - Front View
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New Character Started – The Innkeeper

I have another new project in the pipeline. A personal project where I want to perfect some techniques of mine. Mainly in creating lots of details in the models while keeping the polygons to a very low amount. But also to some extent texture painting. So here is the first quick draft of a character…

The Innkeeper - Work in Progress
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Destrachan – Sculpting is Finished

As Siggraph is this week, most companies in the industry have new exciting things to present or release. And yesterday was definitely Christmas for me. I was like a kid in a candy store with all the new toys I got. ZBrush 3.1 (Outstanding update!), Vue 6.5 and LightWave 9.3. So I kept myself pretty…

Destrachan - Work in Progress - Render3
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