The Skopa Chair for Magasinet Filter

It’s been kinda quiet in my journal for a while – as I’ve been very busy with some long term projects. I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be able to start publishing content from them.

Anyway, to break the silence, as I do a few smaller gigs now and then, here’s a 3D illustration of the 1974 design chair ‘Skopa’ I did for the Swedish magazine Filter recently, which go on sale in stores on May 26th.

Skopa Chair in Magasinet Filter Issue 8, June & July 2009

Skopa Chair - Published in 'Filter' issue 8, June & July 2009

I’m wondering if I am starting to get typecasted into creating retro chairs? Haha, well, it’s okay – as I find the design, form and colors of the 60’s and 70’s spaceage retro classics very entertaining to work with.

I created this chair completely in modo. I find modo to really shine for these kind of visualization assignments on a tight schedule. The excellent workflow in modo allowed me to model, shade, texture, light, render and deliver this guy in less than a day.

The Skopa Chair - Rendered from the front.

The Skopa Chair - Originally I rendered this in 3K resolution for the magazine.

I’ll probably try to post more smaller assignments in my Journal if things are way to silent for a while. Well, over and out for this time!

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  1. I’m using 3ds max but this Image realy impressed me…….gr8

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