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The Skopa Chair for Magasinet Filter

It’s been kinda quiet in my journal for a while – as I’ve been very busy with some long term projects. I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be able to start publishing content from them. Anyway, to break the silence, as I do a few smaller gigs now and then, here’s a 3D illustration…

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Moving into the Living Room

Oh yes, the living room is finished. I made some final adjustments on the color scheme from the the last work in progress image and also added a bottle of wine and a decorative bowl placed on the cupboards. A version in higher resolution can be seen in my portfolio. This was just a personal…

Modern Living Room Final Version
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Mood Swings in the Living Room

Here’s a new update of the living room. I did some major redesign of the mood in the room. I changed the location to a city night shot, in a more pleasant area than the industrial view. I also completely changed the color scheme of the image, to a more pleasant combination. Almost done now,…

Modern Living Room WIP 4
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Living Room Texturing Has Begun

Alright, I’m back, a few days later than expected, but now I’ve started texturing and lighting the living room. It’s a pretty basic daylight lighting at the moment. I’m thinking of taking this image into a nighttime shot instead. I still though have to work a bit more on the textures, and add some objects…

Modern Living Room WIP 3
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Sculpting Out Furniture Details

An evening a few weeks back I started working on this living room. Then I didn’t touch it until today. Other things have come in between, like my daytime job. And the last two weeks I have been doing some house cleaning, I’ve gone through every image and animation I’ve done since the 90’s and…

Modern Living Room WIP 2
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Another Living Room Started

Well, I was pretty pleased the other day when I finished a new image. The living room image I just posted to the portfolio pages. It was actually the first portfolio update I’ve done since the year 2004. Time flies, doesn’t it? But well, this really got my juices flowing. And I started looking around…

Modern Living Room WIP 1
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Living Room Continued

Some things have been coming in between since I posted the first work in progress of this image. I haven’t had any time to work with it since. Anyway, today I found a few hours, to continue the work. Tweaked the sofas and the rug and added a painting, a plant, a shelf, some magazines….

Living Room WIP 2
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New Living Room Project Started

The heat has been astonishing in Sweden lately. Even I have had a few trips out to the beach getting some variation on my nowadays so white skin. Anyway, Friday night, stayed home for once, and found some time to start on a new project. I’ve been playing around with my new baby, LightWave 3D…

Living Room WIP 1
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Viz Image for Qio

Had a system drive breakdown two days ago. Gah! Took me a day and a half to get everything back and up and running again. But now I’m operational again. Haven’t worked on Elysian since the drive breakdown, and today I took a request and made a Visualization 3D image for the company Qio. Working…

Qio Office Visualization
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