Living Room Continued

Some things have been coming in between since I posted the first work in progress of this image. I haven’t had any time to work with it since.

Anyway, today I found a few hours, to continue the work. Tweaked the sofas and the rug and added a painting, a plant, a shelf, some magazines. And also did some work on the texturing and lighting.
I guess this project is quickly coming to an end. Well, I really have some other things I wanna sculpt and paint right now. Interesting that sometimes I can sit around and tweak and adjust things for days, and sometimes, like in this case, a project only needs a few hours to get a decent result that I feel I can stash away in the pile of finished work.
I will post the final image in the portfolio (Wohoo, for the first time in years) as soon as I’ve done the last adjustments and produced a final render.

Living Room WIP 2

The second work in progress of the living room

Working Music: Hello Saferide – Introducing
(Really in the mood for this kind of music at the moment)

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