Another Living Room Started

Well, I was pretty pleased the other day when I finished a new image. The living room image I just posted to the portfolio pages. It was actually the first portfolio update I’ve done since the year 2004. Time flies, doesn’t it?

But well, this really got my juices flowing. And I started looking around for all my old sketches, ideas and searched deep inside my own mind, looking for those disturbed ideas I have laying around in all those dark places.
I really feel inspired to get my creations going again, and will continue posting work in progress here and new images to the portfolio regularly.
I have so many ideas, so I have a hard time knowing where to start. Shall I begin with my mentally disordered characters? My angry bird collections? The nudity thing for all pinup lovers out there? Or just some plain viz stuff?

Had some thought and decided that I will do some hard surface scenes to begin with. Arch viz and maybe some vehicle. Just to get up to speed with my different tools I prefer to work with and to try out some new things. Will probably be two to three viz scenes, and maybe one vehicle scene. None of these takes that much time to complete (says the optimistic guy), and I feel I’d like to have some of that work published here as well, to weigh up from my other works that are more of a personal nature.

I’ll definitely get into characters in the month, and go from there. Won’t speculate to much right now, but in a few weeks, time will tell.

Anyway, wanted to continue doing interiors at the moment, and I decided to go for another living room. I just started it and put together a quick scene to block out the proportions of the intended furniture. And get a feel for how I want it laid out. This is going to be somewhat of a more modern living room than my last one.

Modern Living Room WIP 1

First wip - laying out the overall proportions and placements.

With the proportions in place, I’ll now get into modeling the actual detailed geometry and think of the design for the different pieces of furniture. I’ve a pretty good picture in my head of how I want the end result to turn out.

Working Music: Hello Saferide – Introducing
(Still into this… Mmmmm)

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  1. sara salah shata 10 years ago

    it`s appear differnt hope see full imagin to place

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