New Living Room Project Started

The heat has been astonishing in Sweden lately. Even I have had a few trips out to the beach getting some variation on my nowadays so white skin. Anyway, Friday night, stayed home for once, and found some time to start on a new project.

I’ve been playing around with my new baby, LightWave 3D 9, as it has now left beta and gone gold and all NDA’s has been lifted. The third party community for LightWave is for the first time in some years growing in the right direction again. Lot’s of interesting announcements lately, with Syflex coming for LightWave and other nice plugins and addons.
Also the 3rd party renderers are starting to arrive. FPrime was the first to arrive a few years back, and has been my best friend for previewing in realtime and doing final renderings with. And now lately Maxwell was released, but it’s at the moment not something that I feel will fit into my budget. Another 3rd party renderer that is really interesting to me is KrayTracing. Kray is the most speedy photonmapping, lightmapping renderer I’ve tried so far, and the results seems to be excellent. And the fact that the price is a bargain if it delivers what I hope does help a great deal when I’m about to make the decision to add another renderer to my arsenal of tools.

So I thought I should do an interior visualization project to try out Kray with. So earlier this night I got into modeling some furniture. And then spent some time setting up a decent lighting. Well, still some road left to travel on this one. Need to tweak the sofas more, add some depth to the rug, and add some accessories around the room, and maybe something on the wall. And of course start working on textures and details. I’ll dig into this tomorrow.

Below is the first render from this project. Rendered in FPrime while working with it. When I’ve finished modeling and are happy with the setup, I’ll do a final FPrime rendering, and then get into Kray with the same scene and start comparing and see what I think of Kray with a finished project, to make final rendering. I’m really looking forward to this little experiment.

Living Room WIP 1

First Work in Progress Image of this project

Modeling Music: The Embassy – Futile Crimes

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