Sculpting Out Furniture Details

An evening a few weeks back I started working on this living room. Then I didn’t touch it until today.

Other things have come in between, like my daytime job. And the last two weeks I have been doing some house cleaning, I’ve gone through every image and animation I’ve done since the 90’s and sorted all renders and all 3D files in a very structured way. It was kind of a mess before. And that feels pretty good to have everything I’ve ever done in order.
I’ve also kept myself busy with some independent filmmaking. But, that I’ll write more about in another blog entry later on.

Anyway, so I loaded up the scene file for the living room I started some time ago and continued working on it tonight. The last time I just blocked out how I wanted the overall layout. So tonight I spent some time sculpting in some details in the objects that were present in the scene. The modeling went pretty quickly, so tomorrow I’ll get very close to finish this image, as I’ll be doing the texturing and lighting. And maybe add some final details and props into the scene.

Modern Living Room WIP 2

Now it's actually starting to look like furniture.

Working Music: Elliott Smith – XO


  1. Febra Gasita 12 years ago

    wow, very good lighting,very nice but i’m not satisfied with the curtain idea..if u can make more real and texture, it’s gonna be perfect image.


  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the input. This image is about a year old so there is much that could have been improved. The final version ended up here

    I’ll have some more recent interior renders online shortly though.


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