Smoking Guy with a Hat

Here is a collection of images from a character sculpting session I had tonight.

All images are screengrabs of the ZBrush canvas with some post processing done in Photoshop.

Smoking guy with a hat

Smoking guy with a hat

Smoking guy with a hat

Smoking guy with a hat

A slighly more detailed version (click to enlarge)

Smoking guy with a hat

Unprocessed screengrabs from ZBrush (click to enlarge)

I sculpted this guy from a bunch of ZSpheres without a determined destination. I didn’t use any references this time but let the character design come to me as I went along. That’s one thing I really love about ZBrush, the freedom to just let the juices flow. I GoZ:ed into modo a few times for geometry additions, new SubTool basemeshes and clean ups.



  1. Really very great work… Awesome….. You rock!!!

  2. Brahma 8 years ago

    So nice . . .

    I hope i can learn much more from you.. . . . . :)

    Brahma Narayan Sharma

  3. Manoj 7 years ago


    it’s an awesome high detailed work

    I would also like to do more detailed work as you have done

  4. Karen Runnels 7 years ago

    Amazing work! I was checking on the availability
    of the domain name

  5. You do very good work!

  6. urooj 6 years ago

    So0o0ppeerrbbb !~~!!

    Amazziinngg !!

    Speechless work …

  7. You are so freakin amazing!

    This is inspiring and beyond!

    Completely love it!

    Aspiring Professional 3D Environment Artist :)

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