Cloud Based Rendering for LightWave 3D

I’ll see if I can further streamline my cloud based rendering setup for LightWave 3D using Screamernet on cheap Amazon EC2 instances. Current mission is to try to bring local folders into the mix, which would save time on keeping plugins often updated current. I’m considering making a tutorial on how I’ve setup my LightWave 3D cloud renderer when my daily amount of time stops shrinking.


  1. Can you confirm that you have Screamernet rendering solidly on Amazon EC2 instances?

    • Jake,

      I can confirm!
      I’m setting it up manually at this time, which is a bit of a hassle. When my current project is finished, I’ve planned to spend some time to make a few scripts to make the process more streamlined and an optimized EC2 VM image for lwsn to with them.


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