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I’ll see if I can further streamline my cloud based rendering setup for LightWave 3D using Screamernet on cheap Amazon EC2 instances. Current mission is to try to bring local folders into the mix, which would save time on keeping plugins often updated current. I’m considering making a tutorial on how I’ve setup my LightWave 3D cloud renderer when my daily amount of time stops shrinking.

Getting Things Done

If you’re a productivity junkie like me you might find this post interesting, unless you mind me rambling a bit about GTD:ing my life. And a new, but it’s old, image posted as well…

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Elly Has Left the Building, Final Render and Breakdown

Alright, it was time to wrap this baby up. I could go on and on to keep detailing and refining her, but I felt I’d reached the point where I’d accomplished what I wanted with this project, mainly researching some new techniques for my workflow and touch some base with FiberFX in 9.6. The final…

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Speed Doodling Session – Male Bust

Alright, time to post another speed doodle, I’ll keep these babies coming until I’m completely satisfied with my speed vs quality before moving on to make complete character projects with the new techniques I am developing for myself. This is approximately a 4 hour sculpt from the first drawn ZSphere in ZBrush until the final…

Male Head - Speed Doodle
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A New Female Head – Speed Doodling Session

I took a few hours tonight and had another speed doodling session. I worked from my imagination with this one, with a goal set to as fast as possible get a decent looking character. I really need to get a speedy workflow in modeling characters for some of my upcoming projects, so I’ll probably make…

Female Doodle 2 - Painted
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Female Head – Speed Sculpting Doodle

A 3 hour speed sculpting. I haven’t used ZBrush for a while, so I doodled around in it for a few hours today, to get the groove back. The image below is the result of a couple of zspheres and then just playing around, sculpting out the basics for the female form. I wasn’t going…

ZBrush Speed Sculpted Female Head
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Ninja: Resurrection

Just a quickie, here is an old darling of mine which I recently resurrected… Fear his wrath! This character was like 90% finished back in 2004 for a SpinQuad challenge / thing, which I never had the time to complete. I’ve been cleaning up my old folders and content directories, getting rid of old crap…

Wrath of the Ninja
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Destrachan – Finished

Alright, Destrachan is finished and posted to my 3D Portfolio. I ended up modeling some sort of dungeon environment to put him in. I could probably have spent some more time with it but I wanted to finish this project, wrap it up and move on to new challenges. I was about to make some…

Destrachan - Finished
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Destrachan – Painted and Rigged

Here we go. I finished painting my little guy in ZBrush the other day. So here is the final result rendered in LightWave 3D. When I was at it, I also created an animation rig for him. So I can pose and animate him. Nothing fancy but all the basic controls needed are there. Some…

Destrachan - Finished Model
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Destrachan – Sculpting is Finished

As Siggraph is this week, most companies in the industry have new exciting things to present or release. And yesterday was definitely Christmas for me. I was like a kid in a candy store with all the new toys I got. ZBrush 3.1 (Outstanding update!), Vue 6.5 and LightWave 9.3. So I kept myself pretty…

Destrachan - Work in Progress - Render3
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