Destrachan – Painted and Rigged

Here we go. I finished painting my little guy in ZBrush the other day. So here is the final result rendered in LightWave 3D.

Destrachan - Finished Model

Destrachan posing for the camera

Destrachan - Finished Model

Destrachan more posing for the camera

Destrachan - Finished Model

And even more camera posing

When I was at it, I also created an animation rig for him. So I can pose and animate him. Nothing fancy but all the basic controls needed are there. Some Inverse Kinemtics controllers for the legs, arms and the tail and just a Forward Kinematic for the body and head.

Destrachan - Animation Rig

The Destrachan - Rigged for easy posing

As he is completed now I have started working on a scenery where I can put him, and also make a short animated sequence in. Stay tuned for the next and final update of this project.

Working Music: Detektivbyrån – Hemvägen

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