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ZBrush PaintStop Doodles

Pixologic released the PaintStop plugin for ZBrush about a week ago or something and I finally got some time today to install it and play around for a few hours. Here is two of all the doodles from my session today to learn the ins and outs of PaintStop. In the image above I played…

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Destrachan – Painted and Rigged

Here we go. I finished painting my little guy in ZBrush the other day. So here is the final result rendered in LightWave 3D. When I was at it, I also created an animation rig for him. So I can pose and animate him. Nothing fancy but all the basic controls needed are there. Some…

Destrachan - Finished Model
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Destrachan – First Pass of Painting

Just a quick update, I’ve done the first pass of painting on the little guy, so I just wanted to post a progress image. It’s getting decent, but I need one more session to work on him before I am happy with the textures and shading. I have done all painting of the skin texture…

Destrachan - Work In Progress - Textures
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ZBrush 3 is Here!

The development phase has been going on for years and what originally was supposed to be ZBrush 2.5 now finally hit the streets as a more significant upgrade, and got the 3.0 extension instead. Pixologic has worked hard on this update and it has been well worth the wait! Woohoo! I just got my upgrade…

ZBrush 3 Logo
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