Elly Has Left the Building, Final Render and Breakdown

Elly - Final Render

Elly - Click for render and breakdown

Alright, it was time to wrap this baby up.

I could go on and on to keep detailing and refining her, but I felt I’d reached the point where I’d accomplished what I wanted with this project, mainly researching some new techniques for my workflow and touch some base with FiberFX in 9.6.

The final render can be found in my 3D portfolio together with a breakdown. (I’m so happy I finally got my act together and fixed the framework for my site last week so I can start adding new content without any hassle)

Well, this was the first darling to get completed, I have a couple of more dusty projects I’m resurrecting and completing and this first one was simple enough to get my feet wet with, and it was a great opportunity to explore some of the new LigthWave 9.6 goodies.

Now it’s time to move on towards some more complex characters, and theoretically I should increase my speed some on the next one, as I don’t think I’ll spend any time to do research for new techniques as I did now. I’m in the mood for just using my current arsenal of techniques and do a straightforward project from A to B.

I have a busy week coming up, but I will get the next one started towards the end of it. Until then, cheers!

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