Male Sculpt – ZBrush Doodling

Just another quick sculpting doodle…

Male ZBrush anatomy doodle

Doodling Session in ZBrush - Muscle Guy

I had some time to kill today while waiting for renders to finish, and it has been some time since I had a doodle session, so I sketched around in ZBrush for a while and created this character. Nothing special, I just wanted to brush up a bit on male muscularity. Well, the renders are done, and this is how far I got, but it was a fun session. I just a draw out a few ZSpheres and then I worked almost exclusively with the clay brush. I just love that brush. The image above is a screenshot from ZBrush (cropped just above the nudity limit ;) ), I didn’t bother to make a render of it as I was just having some sculpting fun.

Todays horror moment; when I started up ZBrush my license file had been corrupted somehow, so it shut down. That sent chills down my spine, for real (I found out later that this is not that uncommon that it happens). But a quick call to Pixologic sorted it out and I was up and running again. Gotta love companies with great support. I just hope this doesn’t happen during non office hours while having a deadline, I guess it was good it happened today, so I can prepare and have a backup plan ready if that would ever occur.

Until next time… cheers!

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  1. Zbrush is good tool. nice attempt ……..

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